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NJRMC is an independent Afghanistan based company specializing in corporate Security Risk Management Solutions to minimize business security risk at a national and international level. Our tailored, innovative consulting provides clients with cost effective risk assessments and security planning that enable organizations to enhance their overall resilience, exploit opportunities whilst managing strategic and operational risks. NRMC provides comprehensive Business Resilience and Security Solutions to identify, reduce and resolve risk in everyday and dynamic environments.

New Jan RMC operates completely under the presidential decree, MOI licensing, AISA as well as code and ethics expected of a security provided (please see further pages for licenses and technical data). We offer static, PSD, CPO, security audits and consulting, aviation PSD as well as tracking, atmospherics and risk analysis to private/commercial DoD, ISAF DoS as well as any other legitimate party. We are able to respond to your needs quickly and build "fit for purpose" solutions for your ongoing requirements. We are competitive in our fair pricing system and take pride in our responsibility. No project is ever without the large support of our team base and has response mechanisms and assets in place to aid at any time as well as a constant line of communication between the project and our network.

Unique to NJRMC is our ability to maintain a strong institutional relationship with the Center for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS) http://www.caps.af, an independent research centerĀ  based in Kabul that conducts action-oriented research on national and regional issues affecting the security and political stability of Afghanistan. CAPS possess a robust and well-developed monitoring and threat assessment capability and, in consultation with us, can provide detailed briefings on specific threats as required. Upon our information layers is also day to day liaison with ISAF movement cell and other ISAF call signs.


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